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Insision enters studio

It’s been a long wait but Insision finally is going to record a new album. The Extreme Offbeat studio is the place to nail down this album. In just a couple of days laying down the first drum tracks then it’s time for guitars, bass and vox will start. The band is taking it’s time to make it the best possible album for the faithful Insision fans who have followed the bands throughout the past 18 years of death and destruction and also for Sevared Records who have given us so much support.  You can expect classic Insision song structures, blasting beats, sick vocals and killer grooves. Andreas Marshall (Obituary/Immolation/Hate eternal among others) is working on the artwork and if the ideas and sketches Carl and Andreas have been throwing around are anything to go by it’s going to be epic.

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Boal working on new EP

boal-bandAfter a quiet period Boal is completely back on track. Not only do they have a drummer added to the band, but also a new EP is in the works. Four new songs as well as a cover song by a well known Dutch Death Metal band will be on this new releases that will be titled ‘Trinity Of Deception’.

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A new website after all these years

After using our old websites since the middle ages with ever evolving internet possibilities, it was time for a new site. All the necessary options are here and you can buy releases direct from the releases page. Ofcourse our online shop is still there for the biggest collection of underground death metal on the planet. We hope you like it. At least we are settled for the coming 20 years or so.

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You want to get signed?

Please submit your demo or cd to the address below. Pleases don’t contact us whether we received your demo yet or if we like it. We get dozens of demo’s each weeks, so it takes some time to check all of those out. When we like it we contact you, so be sure you provide us with the right contact information.